People and Business Development

There are no barriers to success; it’s having the will to seek every opportunity to gain knowledge

To grow a business successfully, increase profitability and have a competitive advantage then developing your people is not an option. People are an organisations greatest asset.

Your management team need the skills and knowledge to be able to effectively coach teams and deliver results.

Working with owner and senior managers we will work closely with your business to improve the ability of the organisation to achieve its vision and deliver results.

At APM we offer tailored programmes to help your business and maximise people’s individual capabilities, including:

  • Psychometric and Personality Profiling of your management team
  • Identify Personal Development Plans
  • Develop Focused Business Objectives, setting measures to assess progress
  • Effective Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Building High Performing and Successful Teams
  • Empowering – releasing the talents, energy and contribution of people
  • Coaching Skills

In addition we offer a number of practical skills programmes, including:

Managing People Performance
Disciplinary and Fair Dismissals
Grievance Handling
Recruiting High Calibre People
Appraisals Skills
Customer Service – Making a difference